Positioning a Recruitment Agency

Kirit Jasani

Kirit Jasani

Many brand managers believes, Names don’t matter It is the product or service which matters. As a result they approach is concentrated on right price, right time, right product, right service, right market situation etc.

But name is the single most important decision which can be taken by marketer himself, rest is decided by customers. At Radiant, we believe a name is the beginning of your journey into the mind of the consumer. And a good name will help that process. A good name will help position your brand. A good name will help consumers to perceive that your product or service is better.

With brand manager’s thought process, one day a client came to us saying that he wanted to start a recruitment agency and wanted to have logo design from our agency Radiant. So we asked him what will be the scope of company which he described with name “VM consultancy”. This name raised our eyebrows, VM Consultancy! Those were the initials of owner. So we advised him to have a better name which he agreed.

As field is established with players such as Naukari.com, timesjob.com and monster.com etc the new name of company must be different and quiet generic. Then and only then it will get attention and it will get registered very easily. So we had focused on one aspect of the scope of work of this new recruitment agency, and a crucial one. The company was going to invite candidates to submit their resume on their website (or in person) and then recruitment agency would arrange an interview with different company. Now the task was to explain this process in brand name itself. Having a better brand is not about actual differences in people, products or services. Having a better brand is about having a better brand perception in the mind. So to create a better brand perception of recruitment agency we had worked on following keys that the brand name should be Short, Simple, Unique, Suggestive of category, spekable and spellable. With this base in mind we had created a brand name for new recruitment agency which is Post A Resume.
When a prospect is coming in touch with this brand name, he knows that the agency is working for recruitment and for that I have to submit a resume. Right, that was the purpose and served well.

Now was a turn for even bigger question, what will be the positioning of Post A Resume? Here also client had done his home work. With help of good friends he had prepared some 10 different slogans which were talking about dream, leadership, talent and what not. But as we wanted to make a mark we had taken a different route.

The crucial part in development of positioning line or slogan is it should make sense, it should explain reason why one should buy product or services from certain brand only? To make it more memorable it should be as short as possible.

For example, Maruti Swift Desire – The heart car. Ask some owner of this car, why you purchased Maruti Swift Desire? He will never say because it’s heart car. The Toyota owner will never say, because its moving forward the reason behind is all cars are moving forward. Still you buy Toyota because it’s reliable. That’s a different story why Toyota people are not using this reliable factor to position their brand.

Then client could understand that all the 10 different variants prepared at their end were unable to answer single question “Why Post A Resume?”

To answer this question we had taken a closer look at the procedure Post A Resume was going to follow:
1. Collect the data base of candidates through
different activities
2. Approach different company’s HR department, explain
services, and take a brief note on their requirement.
3. Call up different candidates from data base whose
profile is matching with client’s requirements.
4. Arrange an interview and final selection

Now, suppose they had got a requirement from a client saying that they need a Marketing Manager for Gujarat State with minim 5 years experience and another client is having a requirement of Marketing Manager for Ahmedabad with minim 2 year experience. Let’s say three candidates are approaching them. Candidate A is having 6 years experience of marketing, B candidate is having 2 years of experience in marketing and C candidate is fresher and they all wants to apply for the first job only “Marketing Manager – Gujarat State”

Hopefully Post A Resume will say yes to candidate A and arrange an interview, on another side they will explain candidate B that he cannot apply due to the number of years experience is lower than required but he can be placed in Ahmedabad with marketing manger designation and interview can be arranged, and they will explain candidate C, that we keep your resume, we will find something right for you and will invite you for an interview.

Am I Right?

If yes, then their positioning line should describe what they do. And that is “For right placement” with these three words the entire complex feelings can be converted into a clear picture. Now when anybody is registering on Post A Resume website and a friend of him ask a question, “Why Post A Resume?” the tag line will explain the reason “For right placement”

Post A Resume, for right placement would make sense to candidates as well as recruiters. Fresh Management Students, Commerce Graduates, Science Graduates, MBAs, Engineers etc can have a right placement if they go to Post A Resume website. http://www.postaresume.co.in

With this kind of right approach towards marketing and positioning Post A Resume has achieved a considerable place in eyes of recruiters as well as candidates. If anybody needs a job may apply there.

You may share this with your friends and family as well as your feedbacks and views would be appreciated.

Post A Resume - Logo

Post A Resume - Logo



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  1. Jayesh Says:

    Really a nice work, very much helpful. Keep it up.


  2. Ajit S. Upadhyaya Says:

    this is quite obvious when one get accurate result of backed experience of creativity factor and management knowledge. when you speak Brand it should have different context for different market. A great example has given by the logo of Recruitment Agency.
    I hope as reader and student we have received great example of aiming one thing at single time.
    I personally appreciate and Congratulate Team Radiant and Creative Mind behind it.


  3. NIRZARI Says:

    people dont have time to read so much content. just graphics would do and mean a lot supported by few lines to explain the point.


  4. robinallenson Says:

    I have to disagree with Nirzari – I enjoyed both the graphics and the text!


  5. Vebh Says:

    Absolutely stunning Brand Name.
    Very suggestive to the Target Segment, Speakable, Spellable & everything. ..


    For positioning line i have some different views…


  6. sumitra Says:

    Really the article is helpfull for the persons who are working in brand management. this is specially helpfull for me bcoz i am working on that.keep it up.


  7. Vipul Says:

    Its Really Nice. Thanks for Helping in increse my Knowledge. I think It should be short so that everyone can read and understand easily.

    Thanks dear brother


  8. PNP Transistor : Says:

    just be careful with some recruitmet agencies because some of them are scammers too :


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