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What if your brand name is inspired by a product sub-category?

September 15, 2015

Confusion is the simple answer to this situation. At Spotlight we believe, when you have a brand name which also represents a category or sub-category, confusion starts appearing on surface.

Organic India

If you are a tea lover and experiments with variety of teas, you would have heard of Tulsi Tea. A very well-known brand of Tulsi Tea is Organic India. By mixing three variants of Tulsi (Citrus from Vana Tulsi, Spicy tone from Krishna Tulsi and Calming depth from Rama Tulsi) Organic India offers caffeine-free Original Tulsi Tea, which is stress relieving and rejuvenating. One of your friends explains you all these benefits of Tulsi Tea, and so you decide to purchase one.

Tulsi Tea GMTeaYou visit a store and find a pack of Tulsi Tea by G.M.Tea Packers Pvt. Ltd. so you buy it. Now what will happen? There will be a clash of expectation. You purchased it considering benefits of Holy Basil leaves but the one you have purchased is Dano or Patti or Kitli Special tea; no tulsi leaves as an ingredient. Higher chances, you will develop a negative impression about the latter brand, the one you have purchased. This happens because at-large Tulsi Tea is understood as a product having Holy Basil as an ingredient rather than a brand name.

So when an ingredient is an important factor in decision making; in those cases, you must avoid a brand name which would easily get associated with that product category.



September 4, 2015

How do you communicate key feature of your product? Try to use visual for the same. Yes, visual helps in many ways such as easily to communicate and easy to recall.

Recently we, at Spotlight Communication, have launched Digital Safes by Kich, a new addition in product range of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd. Rather than talking much about the product in details we have focused more on visuals. The first question was how to show safety visually?

Kich Safe Launch Ad

Kich Digital Safe Launch Ad

After a small research, we could understand images of Army men, Dog Squad, Motor Bike Police, etc. is considered as a synonym of safety and security by the target audience. We have played with that factor in designing of this ad. At a first glance majority of audience understands something related to safety is there. That’s it. If you are really looking for safety solutions, this will lead you to notice it peacefully and read the small body copy of ad. There you will learn Kich Digital Safes can be opened with a secret password of 3 to 8 digit, three consecutive wrong inputs inactivate key pad for 5 minutes and heavy-duty steel and advance chip set is used for high end security of your valuables.

So, next time when you have some important feature to communicate, try to think, can it be communicated with a visual which can really make the difference.

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